California Supplemental Examination (CSE)

Taking the Examination

The CSE consists of multiple-choice items. The examination may contain items for the purpose of pre-testing (non-scorable items). Pre-testing allows performance data to be gathered and evaluated before the items are scorable in a future examination. These pre-test items, distributed throughout the examination are not identified or used in calculating the examination score.

All of the items in the CSE have been written and reviewed by multiple teams of California-licensed landscape architects. The items are based on the knowledge and ability statements contained in the CSE Test Plan and are written at a level to assess minimum standards of competency necessary for practice in California. The items are supported by the CSE Reference Material and have been pre-tested to ensure statistical performance standards are met.

There is only one correct answer for each item. The "incorrect" answers are typically common errors and misconceptions, true but not relevant statements, or incorrect statements. There are no "trick" questions in the examination. Scores are based solely on the number of correct answers. It is to the candidate’s advantage to answer every question.

The CSE consists of individually timed sections that may include general multiple-choice items and project scenario related items pertaining to the content within the CSE Test Plan and applicable knowledge and ability statements. Each section of the exam will have a designated time limit displayed on the computer monitor. If a section is completed before the designated time has expired, the remaining time may not be carried over to another section. Once a section is complete, a candidate must proceed forward to the next section of the examination and may not go back or review answers from a prior completed section.