California Supplemental Examination (CSE)


After completing the CSE, a candidate will receive a printed Score Report indicating whether they have passed or failed.

Candidates who pass the CSE are eligible for licensure. The LATC will provide information on obtaining licensure to eligible candidates.

Candidates who fail the CSE are eligible to retake the examination 90 days from the notification of failed examination. Candidates who are unsuccessful will be given an application to re-take the CSE at the testing center or they may obtain it by contacting the LATC.

Submittal of a new application and payment to the LATC is required in order to retake the CSE; however, a candidate cannot schedule or retake the examination for at least 90 days from the date he or she took the examination they failed. If the new application and payment are received by the LATC within the 90-day wait time, a new notice of eligibility (CSE Candidate Guide) will be sent to the candidate (from PSI) near the end of that waiting period. If the application and payment are received any time after that waiting period, they will be processed within normal processing times by the LATC, PSI will be notified of the candidate’s renewed eligibility, and a new notice of eligibility will be sent to the candidate (from PSI).