Landscape Architects Technical Committee

Reciprocity Licensure

Reciprocity Licensure

Individuals who are licensed to practice landscape architecture in another state may obtain a license from the State of California by completing the reciprocity licensure process, which is outlined below. California does not make a distinction between licenses issued to individuals who pursue licensure via reciprocity and those issued to individuals who take the full exam in this state.

In order to be eligible for reciprocity licensure, applicants must be licensed as a landscape architect in another state by having passed a written examination substantially equivalent in scope and subject matter to the written examination last given in California. Applicants must also meet the education and training requirements for first-time exam candidates. For purposes of reciprocity, Landscape Architects Technical Committee recognizes the following examinations:

  • Uniform National Examination for Landscape Architects (UNE)
  • Landscape Architect Registration Examination(LARE)

Applicants who do not meet these requirements are ineligible for licensure under reciprocity provisions and must meet the requirements for first time exam candidates
(Business and Professions Code 5651, updated January 1, 2010).

Reciprocity Licensure Process

Applicants must submit a completed Application for Reciprocity and the appropriate fees ($310) to the Landscape Architects Technical Committee.

The Reciprocity Verification Form must be submitted to the applicant's state(s) of licensure and/or examination for verification of scores and license history. The licensing agency is to forward the completed form to the Landscape Architects Technical Committee office. The applicant is responsible for any fees associated with the verification process.

In addition to passing the LARE or UNE, the Landscape Architects Technical Committee requires each reciprocity candidate to pass the California Supplemental Examination, a 100 question multiple-choice examination on the Landscape Architects Practice Act and other California laws deemed essential to the practice of landscape architecture in this state.

The purpose of the test is to bring to your attention specific practice issues more prevalent or unique to California and to familiarize you with the rules and regulations governing the profession.

All prospective licensees must pass the examination. A failing score will delay licensure until a passing score is achieved. Upon passage of the California Supplemental Examination, the reciprocity candidate is eligible for licensure as a landscape architect in California.

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