Landscape Architects Technical Committee

Foreign Educated Applicants

How Foreign Educated Applicants Establish Eligibility for the Exam

Applicants who received their education at foreign colleges and universities may be eligible to take the Landscape Architect Registration Examination. Such applicants must submit a credential evaluation report, which includes information about the applicant's credential (diploma or degree) and its U.S. equivalent. These reports are prepared by credential evaluation services after examining the applicant's education documentation for accuracy and authenticity. Although these companies typically offer several levels of evaluation, the Landscape Architects Technical Committee (LATC) requires a "general" evaluation equating the degree to a comparable U.S. degree in landscape architecture. The fees associated with obtaining a credential evaluation are the applicant's responsibility.

Upon receipt of the required documentation, the LATC Exam Coordinator will conduct a review to determine if the applicant is eligible. The credential evaluation report is used to determine if the foreign educated applicant has received an education that meets the LATC's established requirements. Applicants will receive written notification regarding determination of eligibility.

A list of credential evaluation services is available at the National Association of Credential Evaluations Service, Inc. Web site at or by contacting the LATC at (916) 575-7230.